Action / Anime / Movie / Sci-Fi


Whenever I watch a Japanese animated movie I never quite know what to expect, as I have seen very little of the more historic works, and only now have begun to catch up and understand some of the more over-arching themes involved. However, even without that deep knowledge of the subject, I still greatly enjoyed this film, as not only was the plot impossible to guess, it actually became quite the challenge for me trying to guess how the film would end- and I was pleasantly surprised to find how neatly it concluded.

Without spoiling the plot of this movie, it is filled with action scenes, utilising futuristic/alien weapon technology, and relies heavily on mystery – even by the end, like the characters involved, you will still have a huge number of questions you would like answered! Being made and set in Japan though, you still get that anime flare – something about both the artistic style, as well as how the characters interact with one another that you only seem to find in that genre.

Although far from being the most avid watcher of animated films, Gantz:O still provided me with everything I like from a film – action, suspense and unpredicatability. The only thing I felt it was lacking was a bit more character interaction, as there are actually very few named characters, and relatively little conversation about their pasts, etc.. In conclusion though, Gantz:O is a good, solid film that plays with a few new ideas and I greatly enjoyed watching it.



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