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Logan was a successful film, but after watching it for the first time, I wondered to myself whether it was also as successful a story. As a superhero movie, it had everything you could possibly want – famous actors, famous characters, explosions, gun fights, chase scenes, hand to hand combat, but Logan tried something that superhero films don’t normally – it also tried to be an emotional film.

This is the sort of film that die-hard X-men fans will fall over themselves to watch, and will likely be touting its brilliance for years as a defining moment in the X-men story. But for me, admitedly not the most prolific lover of the series, I thought the story fell short of a true emotional connection, and its premise was flawed.

To be honest, by the end, it felt like the entire films purpose was to kick-start a new series of X-men movies with completely new actors, and some of the major ‘events’ in the film felt almost forced towards this goal – apart from the ending, other ‘events’ were with little reason and had no real gravity to them, making it feel like there were so many wasted possibilities.

In conclusion, Logan is likely a good film if you’re a big fan of the series – but as a casual viewer, or god forbid, someone new to the series, this film just didn’t have any weight to it, even though it was two hours long. Shame really.



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