Action / Movie / Sci-Fi


Lucy (2014), is a film I rather enjoyed. For starters, it is very much a science fiction film, but contains enough shooting and chasing to be considered an action film as well. It has decent actors, including Morgan Freeman (one of few actors I can actually recognise). But perhaps best of all, it is hard to guess the outcome of this film – not so much the plot, as the ‘useful’ cuts to a science convention basically give the viewer enough tip bits to piece together that this film is based on advanced evolution very early on. Saying that, the film does manage to keep tensions high enough, and is gritty enough, that it is possible, right up until the end, for several different outcomes to occur.

The one thing that did cheese me off though was the actual crux of the film. Throughout, it describes humans only using 10% of our brains, and that magical amazing superpowers are given to anyone that exceeds this. Superpowers include, but are not limited to: mind control, telekenisis, control over all electronics over any distance, increase agility and accuracy, flight, seeing through floors, viewing all spectrums of electromagnetic radiaton, control over time, and space. To me, this destroys the real magic of good sci-fi films – plausability.

Without plausability a film doesn’t stick in your day to day mind as much, as it clearly can’t exist in this universe. Without plausability you don’t begin to rethink about the film and give it the thought it might deserve. Without plausability, a science fiction film is like an action film, but without fast cars, guns, or villains. It’s a shame really, because if they toned down what was possible, and concentrated on only, say, mind control, which is by far powerful enough, it would have had much more plausability, and been a much better film.



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