Stranger Things

Stranger Things (2016) apparently so good the Internet couldn’t shut up about it and it was immediately given a second season! Should it have?

Stranger things is a Supernatural horror that oozes 80’s nostalgia. You could follow it up with movies like E.T. and Back to the Future and you’d swear they were both filmed in the same era. Even the casting was on point, as you just know the kids all look cute now, but like Corey Feldman of Gooneys fame you know they’re going to grow up looking like the red headed stepchild of an incestuous hick marriage before they can kiss their career goodbye in their mid 20’s.

That Klepto Winona is back looking nice as ever as she plays the mother of a young boy who goes missing. Working with the police to find him they’d never believe he’s in another dimension! The young lad’s friends are a little more wise to the possibility and with the help of another special being and pursued by some government types they go on a rescue mission to save their little buddy!

So, is it any good? How about 8×00:50 episodes in one sitting good? The only gripe I have with this show is the irrelevant drivel of an acceptance speech they gave when winning an award. Before that it was exactly what it wanted to be and more. You miss this, you’re missing out.

Stranger Things


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