Falling Skies

Falling Skies (2011 – 2015) is a show I watched an episode of once on regular TV and thought “hey, this looks pretty good”. About 4 years later I noticed it on Netflix and gave it the good old binge watch I regularly partake in and I could not stop until it was over!

Falling Skies is a post…well mid-way though the apocalypse as Aliens have begun to take over the Earth and have been doing a damn good job of it too. With superior weaponry and the element of surprise these Espheni are kicking seven bells of holy shite out of the humans and we the viewer must follow Tom Mason; a history teacher come freedom fighter, and his family and friends as they go through stages of Survival, Guerrilla warfare and moments of extreme loss in a positive but seemly futile battle with a superior power.

Now Falling Skies is by no means perfect. The first thing I thought about this show when I first set eyes on it is that it was going to be one of those cheap Sci-Fi channel, ridiculous T.V. programmes churned out for the Trekkies to feast on. And yes, the CGI was often a little on the cheap side, the script often cheesy and the sheer lack of extra’s making it seem like sometimes 10 men were somehow fending off hundreds of swarming invaders. Falling Skies biggest offender though? Deus Ex Machina! Two main characters about to kill each other? Suddenly flying monster! You’ve flown into space and your ship has exploded? 3 episodes later saved by new Alien race!

But the show was GOOD! I was invested in the characters, the wily army vet, the Mason boys arguing over girls, John Pope and his empty bag of fucks. I always wanted to watch the next episode because the show had that type of suspense. For all its shortcomings Falling Skies was a great watch and I recommend any fan of science fiction to give it a shot, unfortunately it looks like they threw the last 3 episodes together in a panic after the show was probably cancelled because the ending is RIDICULOUS! But that shouldn’t deter you from throwing yourself at this show.TEMPLATE.png


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