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Legend (2015), I watched the trailer and instantly wanted to watch this ASAP, then a few months into 2017 I eventually did. Oh procrastination though art my greatest foe!

The story of the Kray twins and their shenanigans are not alien to us here in little old England because…. well, it all happened here. Much like the Essex Murder movies I’m pretty sure Kray based cinematography is going to be a mainstay in British media for years to come, because the same story told once and told well doesn’t seem to be bloody good enough over here! The told “once” I refer to is the original 1990 movie starring the Kemp brothers of Spandau Ballet fame, but I digress.

The movie itself is all well and good, in which it follows Reggie Kray; the more sane of the two, trying to keep his criminal business under wraps, or possibly go legit in order to please the love of his life and live happily ever after. Whilst his nutcase brother Ronnie keeps messing these plans up because he won’t take his crazy pills! What follows is a tug of war between the two brothers over how they should run their business and between Reggie and the woman he loves.

I’ve got to say, I found myself skimming through my phone once or twice during this movie, I was really disappointed and I expected so much more. I can’t fault Tom Hardy’s performance, he was excellent in portraying two different characters sharing the same screen, but the direction of the whole thing was a mess. The portrayal of Ronnie Kray and his mental demons was cringeworthy at best and what came of the film was too many moments of comic relief based on two men who murdered their way to the top of their respective ladder. I don’t really have a problem with that sort of thing usually….but because the film was shit, I just had to point it out.Legend.png


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