Breaking Bad: Season 1

Breaking Bad is a TV drama following the now not-so-boring-life of chemistry teacher, Walter White. A stereotypical nerdy teacher at the beginning, White is diagnosed with lung cancer, which results in him seeking some very unconventional methods to fund his healthcare and to leave his family enough money in the event of his death. Throughout this season, we follow his bright idea to earn more money – White and his drug selling ex-student, Jesse Pinkman, decide to set up a meth lab.

In almost every single episode, White puts everything on the line, almost in a self-destructive manner to try and be even more successful. He gets away with so many things, that this new attitude begins to leak into his normal life, resulting in him dealing with some situations in ways that normally would be inappropriate, or at least risky.

The fact that this new-found way of life is so different from what White is use to made me laugh in several places that made little sense to the casual observer and Breaking Bad continues to impress me with these clearly planned funny moments that are not related to what is actually going on right there – it is very self-aware and well written.

So, in brief, the first season of Breaking Bad is great, with a very interesting plot, mercifully short intro scenes, good acting, and appeals to my cynical sense of humour. Not for everyone, but definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.


Conclusion Image.png


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