Iron Fist: Season 1

I managed to watch the entire season in two days- and regardless of a lot of negative feedback it may have received, I actually enjoyed Iron Fist more than Daredevil, an opinion I have already taken some flak for…

So why do I like it? I think it comes down to it being a plot with multiple strong characters. It is not black vs white, it is a huge entangled mess of different people and organisations with very different goals and aims, all wanting to control the protagonist, Danny Rand, the Iron Fist, in some way or other. Not only is there a fight over the ownership of Danny’s father’s business, there is also a war between Danny and the Hand, and organisation that has greatly infiltrated New York, and is extremely powerful. To make matters more complicated, there factions within this organisation, adding yet another layer to the story.

Saying that, Iron Fist being a Marvel endeavour has meant its slightly less, mature, than I would have liked, with everything being just a little over-dramatic and fantastical. With a plot base like it has, I believe they should have gone for a bit more subtlety with regard to the character’s motivations and their relationships. Other than that slight flaw, I think Iron Fist has decent potential as a series – there is still a lot we don’t know about Danny Rand, the extent of his powers, and how the various factions in the series will react to events in the future.

Conclusion Image.png


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