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Beauty and the Beast

I genuinely thought I was taking one for the team here and as a lifelong Disney fan I went into this film ready to hate it and pick it apart at every turn. How wrong I was!

Beauty and the Beast is a story of a narcissistic prince, turned into a beast by a sorceress who found his vanity and incapacity to love others displeasing; a bit harsh to be honest since she also turned all his staff into anthropomorphic tools and objects to tend to him. She gives him a rose which will continue to wilt and die unless he finds true love.

What follows is almost a carbon copy of the animated Disney movie of the same name bar a few additions and omissions here and there (if my memory serves me correctly). I was disappointed that Angela Lansbury; now 91 years old and kicking was not able to reprise her role as Mrs Potts, but the cast did well all the same. Emma Watson does well as the Beauty Bell and it’s always nice to hear the voice of Sir Ian McKellen. The actor only known to me as Not Orlando Bloom does another good turn as the major DICK Gaston and that’s pretty much all I need to say about the casting.

The story works well, the happy moments made me smile and the sad moments made me frown, it makes me wonder why film adaptations of animated movies don’t do this more often and follow the story verbatim as they should. The musical numbers gave me nostalgia, I usually hate it when a character bursts out into song but here it was just how it is supposed to be.

In summation Beauty and the Beast is ….to my surprise, absolutely MAGNIFICENT! And unless you’re the type of person who only watches Fast and Furious 3 times a day to make you feel manly I suggest this film to just about anyone. Emma Watson was gorgeous and Le Fou had a 0.5 second moment where JESUS CHRIST he’s dancing with a man…..and a lot of people care about that for some reason.

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