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Arrival (2016) is one of the best first-contact films I’ve seen in a long while. Although rather farfetched, the plot is both very difficult to guess throughout and very rewarding once understood, as it ties the entire film together in a nice neat bundle.

When it comes to judging the various aspects of the film, I would say the best features do have to be the plot, followed closely by the animation – truly a wonderful job and makes this film worth seeing on a decent screen. The acting though, not as great. Maybe I am being a bit harsh there – I cannot pin the failure on the actors themselves, so perhaps it is the scripts and roles they are given, but either way, I just did not feel anything for the characters in this film, which is surprising considering how much time we spent with only two of them.

This niggling doubt of mine though does not detract from the plot, which is pretty great overall. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys science fiction, although I imagine there are some people out there that would not quite understand the concept of the film by the end – so be on point whilst watching it. Overall, certainly worth a watch.

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