Breaking Bad: Season 2

Following on from season one very fluidly, Breaking Bad just gets better and better with these additional thirteen episodes. Without a doubt, this is one of the best TV series I have ever watched. Its slow, almost melancholy pacing is interspersed with moments of intense drama or sudden action. I think it is this method of delivering the story that really gives the entire plot gravity, and gives the audience time to really appreciate Walter White’s decisions and motivations, making his rather inhuman actions a bit understandable, even if a bit selfish.

Season two also gives us a lot more about poor Jesse Pinkman, who apart from playing an excellent role as comic relief has taken on a much more relatable persona. Instead of watching just Walter White going through emotional ups and downs, Jesse also now has his own roller-coaster of gain and loss. The difference in how he deals with and approaches challenges compared to Walter is also a source of great humour, and results in some scenes that although show gratuitous violence are absolutely hilarious, some of which probably shouldn’t be that funny considering what is actually happening.

Most of all, Breaking Bad continues to be a believable story which involves the audience in both the best, and worst moments of both Walter’s and Jesse’s lives. The program teases and rewards in equal measure, always with impeccable timing and normally with a humorous flare. The last episode is a great example, and is a cliff hanger that really demands you to see the next season.

Conclusion Image 2.png


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