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For a two hour long film, Chappie (2015) has left me with rather mixed thoughts about its quality. Initially at the beginning I thought I could be watching a film about stopping a robot police force with no humanity – this though was quickly overturned with the continuous mentioning of consciousness and full artificial intelligence (although the fact remained that there were still completely autonomous police robots roaming around).

Although I am pleased the entire film was not set in the far-flung future with crazy laser guns and flying cars, considering the characters involved, it still did not feel relatable, making me feel a bit disconnected from the entire film. Chappie himself, the ‘conscious’ AI police droid, I actually found quite an enjoyable character, but Yolandia and Ninja, as well as almost every other character, I could not in any way relate to, or feel sorry for.

Something else I think the film missed badly is humour, which is entirely absent, but which would have been so easy to add in with Chappie’s naivety – is making mistakes not part of growing up and being human? There would honestly have been so many opportunities for some good humour to help an audience relate.

In the end, I think Chappie has the bones of a decent plot, and the ending to the film was good, but it has some really strange character choices that actually detract from the end product, making it a bit of an unrelatable mess, although as a sci-fi fan, probably still worth watching, if only once.


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