About Nerdscope



Nerdscope is a new blog set up in February 2017. It was started as a way for both orionsbane and lordanima to vent frustration towards certain films and games, but also to justify the amount of time both spend regularly consuming media.

As a critics we intend to give our readers our own opinions, based purely on our personal experience. As it should be for every review on any site, our views are unaltered reflections of our own thoughts, without external influence – and we intend to keep it that way.

Nerdscope is fully funded out of our own pockets, so if you appreciate our website, please do leave a comments on some of our reviews!


Editorial Team

Age 22, orionsbane is currently studying politics in university in the north of the UK. He has a great interest in all things historical, and tends to take things too seriously. Currently living in a basement with his PC. Dry humour and mild sarcasm may leak into his reviews.

Favourite movie genre: Sci-Fi
Worst movie genre: Romantic Comedies

Age 26, lordanima is in university studying nursing (believe it or not). Having watched and consumed pretty much all popular media in living memory, he is our resident movie expert. Currently residing near a 52″ TV near you.

Favourite movie genre: Fantasy
Worst movie genre: New Horror